June 18, 2024



Women’s Top 5 Favourite Whiskies

With the whisky and spirits appreciation scene growing healthily in Singapore,Women’s Top 5 Favourite Whiskies Articles there is a greater variety of whiskies available in the city state. Women are also beginning to appreciate the drink, with some aficionados having equal or more advanced knowledge in the area as compared to their male counterparts. While there is a notion that women gravitate towards fruitier and sweeter whiskies, this is not always the case.

This fruity Irish whisky is bottled in wine casks, giving it a sweet yet complex taste. Made with pure malt whisky, it has an intense white grape scent which develops into white chocolate after it has been in the glass. Its distinctive fruity taste is backed up by a dash of cinnamon and white pepper. Best paired with dessert, this delicious whisky ends on a sweet and gentle note of strawberry.

  1. Compass Box, Hedonism

Women tend to prefer whiskies that are not harsh on the palate. This smooth, creamy grain Scotch whisky has nosing notes of fruit, fraises des bois and red pepper for a sharp kick. It is true to its name, with tasting notes being a sinful combination of pastry cream, coconut and vanilla. Best of all, it doesn’t burn, making it a hit with the ladies.

  1. Nikka, Coffey Malt

This Japanese single malt is easy-going and light, but complex on the palate. With sharp nosing notes of candied lemon and cake spices, this viscous whisky has notes of apricot and toffee, and leaves the lingering taste of honey without being too cloying. Deliciously and subtly sweet, this is a hit with ladies acquainting themselves with Japanese whiskies.

  1. Kilchoman, Machir Bay

Who says women do not like a smoky whisky? This single-malt Scotch whisky tastes strongly of bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry butts. It recently won Best Single Malt at the International Whisky Competition in 2016 with a score of 94.5 points. A consistently peaty taste is complemented by raisin, hazelnut and winter spice while a note of rolled oats and peat smoke round off the taste.

  1. Glendronach 21

This whisky tastes strongly of the sherry and Pedro Ximenez casks it was aged in. While softly smoky, it is the walnut cake, date, and espresso nosing notes that entice ladies to take the first sip. With a sweet and mellow top notes, it leaves the lingering taste of dark chocolate and pepper. The Glendronach 21 is like a charming ex-lover: it was good while it lasted.

As the number of women enjoying whiskies rises, more platforms for them to educate themselves are popping up. From tasting sessions at local bars to large-scale conventions, there is no better time than at Whisky Live Singapore 2016 to learn about the water of life.