Why We Need Pragmatic Idealistic Solutions, Instead Of Promises?

It seems, for generations, we’ve chosen our pragmatic88, elected officials, based, merely on our perceptions, and the articulated, often – empty promises, and rhetoric, rather than, qualifications, abilities, plans, purposes, ideas, and the viability of their relevant, sustainable solutions! We need to elect people, based on a composite of, both, their emotional and logical components, and, whether, they proceed, with a head/ heart balance! Instead of voting, based on these promises, and the vitriol/ rhetoric, used (as well as the lies, etc), wouldn’t we, be better served and represented, by individuals, with pragmatic idealism? After all, what good does it do, if, either, proposals, which look back, at the perceived, good – old – days, and/ or, propose idealistic (but unrealistic) proposals, are the approach? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 important reasons, now, perhaps, more than ever, in recent history, we need viable solutions, instead of promises.

1. Wishing, and making – it – happen, are far different!: It’s great to be idealistic, and there are, certainly, many things, which need, significant improvements/ upgrades, but, what good, is it, unless there is a decent chance, of getting it approved, and enacted. If one believes, as I do, quality health care should be a right (instead of simply, available), proposing a plan, which has little. to no chance of enactment in these partisan times, serves little purpose, in getting, to where, we want to be! For example, the well – intentioned proposal, by Senator Bernie Sanders, of, Medicare – For – All, without thoroughly examining the full costs, impacts, etc, may be inspiring, motivating, and, even, the right – thing, to do, makes assumptions, which some may doubt, such as total costs, that companies would pay their employees more because they didn’t have to contribute to their insurance, what might happen to private insure company, employees, etc, to the overall economic, and political, feasibility, risks making this a focus, rather than, guaranteeing quality health care, to all, is a risky possibility, and approach. The options, supported by Joe Biden, Mayor Pete, Amy K, and Michael Bloomberg, which call for a public option, to improve the private one, and to make the Affordable Care Act, better, and more effective, are more pragmatic, and can be implemented, most likely, far more quickly!

2. Meeting- of – the – minds, for the common good: Instead of partisan gamesmanship, wouldn’t we better served, if the emphasis was, to bring about, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good? Who benefits, in a relevant, sustainable manner, when empty rhetoric/ vitriol, and promises, seem to be the emphasis, of President Donald Trump, and his supporters?

3. Costs: How to pay for it?: Any policy discussion, and/ or, proposal, with a detailed, accurate, well – considered, cost analysis, is actually, little more than a promise/ wish, etc! We should always demand, public officials, fully explain the costs/ expenses, to start, manage, and maintain any program, etc! For example, Trump’s Southern Wall, has never been discussed, in terms, which accurately, explain, and discuss, all the costs, present and future building/ construction, and maintenance, etc.

4. Priorities: Ideas must be explained, based on priorities, needs, goals, etc, and how they are needed, and beneficial, in relevant, sustainable terms!

5. The overall plan: A wish, without a plan, usually, doesn’t get what’s most needed, and beneficial, done, and achieved! Make any candidate, spell out the details of his plan!

If one seeks the most idealistic approach, but it has little to no chance of getting approved, etc, it’s often the equivalent of spinning – your – wheels! Wake up, America, and don’t get fooled, again!

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