July 16, 2024



Why Purchase Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware?

Several years ago, my husband and I were at our State Fair and, purely by chance, encountered a waterless belgique cookware demonstration in progress. My grandchildren were more eager to go on rides than watch a cooking demonstration so after 20 minutes or so, we moved on. However, I was so impressed by the demonstration that I circled back to the afternoon demonstration sometime later to get more information. After demonstrating and describing the many benefits of waterless cookware, I was ready to make the investment-until I heard the price! The cookware was fantastic, but I simply could not afford to spend over $2,000 on waterless cookware. My husband was with me and he made doubly sure I didn’t relent and make the purchase at that time. I was fortunate to find comparable cookware-World’s Finest by Maxam-that offered the same advantages of the West Bend cookware without the burdensome price tag.

Why Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware?

Many of us are concerned with the quality of food that we serve our families. We want to insure that the meals prepared are healthy and are willing to spend extra dollars on organic foods. In fact, purchasing organic food can add 15 – 20% to our food bills. Unfortunately this well-intended effort to insure our family’s health can be negated if we use old-fashioned cooking methods or outdated or incorrectly-sized cookware.

The Key Advantages of Waterless Cookware

Healthier,Tastier MealsPerhaps the most important benefit of using waterless cookware is the retention of the nutrients in our foods. With conventional methods, 42% of your food minerals are lost when you boil foods in water. With waterless cookware, foods retain up to 98% of their natural minerals. When food is cooked in its own natural juices, the flavor is outstanding. Once you taste vegetables cooked with this method, you’ll be amazed at how great the vegetables taste, even without the addition of salt or other spices!

Greaseless Cookware Uses Less Fat. When using quality waterless, greaseless cookware, you can cook vegetables and meals in a hot dry pan over medium heat until it is slightly browned. According to Charles Knight, world-renowned chef and author of “Healthy Meat and Potatoes,” some oil in our diet is necessary. The problem with sauteing in oil or butter is not so much the oil, but the process. He contends that when vegetables are sauteed in oil, they do not properly caramelize and release the aromatic flavor into the dish being cooked. When using the greaseless cookware, using minimal or no oil translates into less fat intake and lower cholesterol.

Energy Efficient. Whether waterless stainless or conventional stainless steel cookware, quality stainless steel is warp resistant. The multi-layers of stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, and chromium allow for even heat distribution on low heat or medium heat. The built-in steam control valve whistles just like a tea kettle to let you know when to turn the heat down to low or a simmer. Whether using an electric range or a gas range, waterless cookware takes the guesswork out of cooking. If you follow the directions, vegetables will turn out perfect each and every time you prepare them.

Safety and Durability. With waterless stainless steel cookware, you don’t have to worry about toxic particles from the cookware itself getting into your food. Surgical stainless steel is perhaps the most sanitary product to use in cooking. The smooth, hard surface of the stainless steel is easy to keep shiny and looking like new. With proper care, a set of waterless cookware can last a lifetime. Maxam cookware stands behind their product and offers a lifetime warranty.

Even with waterless cookware, it is important to note that some recipes do need water or liquid. Dry products, such as beans, rice or pasta need some type of liquid and naturally soups, stews and sauces require liquid. Waterless cooking is used for vegetables and greaseless for meat and poultry.

There are many reputable vendors on the Internet that offer quality waterless stainless steel cookware at affordable prices. Before making that purchase, shop around. Most importantly, learn all you can about waterless cookware and waterless cooking. Once you’ve made an informed decision, I can assure you that you will absolutely love preparing meals for you and your family. To learn more about waterless cooking, you can visit our site–The Gourmets Cookware.