July 15, 2024



What to Expect From a Top Flight Trade Show Exhibit Company

But what can you expect to find at the prototypical, top-of-the-line trade show exhibit house? Look for a complete single-source, hassle-free, full service trade mxl tv exhibit capability from design concept to final production. Search for a company that offers a wide range of trade show display options from cost-effective, custom modular and custom portable trade show booths to custom designed exhibits that may occupy thousands of square feet.

As a single resource, this fully-integrated trade show exhibit house would be able to take care of all your needs -providing a seamless, turnkey trade show exhibit service that includes every possible step in your pre- and post-show appearance. The trade show “dream team” should consist of a staff of talented exhibit design consultants, graphic designers, project managers and event coordinators who are adept in making your trade show experience glitch-free. You get to decide what you want from this menu of options.

Today you should expect these exhibit practitioners to design a breakthrough trade show booth with sophisticated trade show display graphics and worry-free event planning, plus conscientious care and the full storage and warehousing of your trade show exhibit properties.

The trade show exhibit business has come a long way. In the past, the trade show exhibit booth was purchased either as a custom build or a single “off the shelf” unit with the exhibitor handling the details. As the trade show industry has matured, exhibitors have become more sophisticated, and trade show exhibit companies cater to the full spectrum of a trade show client’s exacting demands. In the early ’80s when the industry began changing, many trade show display companies started providing the portable/modular trade show booth, offering mobility and flexibility to exhibitors often moving from one show to the next. This experience helped them customize products and design exhibits that incorporated unique graphics, contemporary materials and structural refinements.

Experienced trade show display houses gradually evolved to deliver dramatic, one-of-a-kind trade show booths for clients wanting to dominate an exhibit hall show floor with a spectacular trade show exhibit occupying thousands of square feet of floor space. During the transition, the use of new finishes, fabrics and lightweight structural materials led to substantial reductions in handling costs. The resultant economies in freight, installation and dismantling, drayage, storage and refurbishing helped to defray the costs of these dramatic new custom trade show exhibits.

With new trade show expertise and innovation, top line trade show exhibit houses are able to serve exhibitors wherever and whenever they want to exhibit. Thanks to a network of exhibit partners providing design, build and show services at over hundreds of locations throughout the world, a trade show exhibit house can now handle the most complex and demanding of exhibitor requirements.

Many leading trade show display companies have become global providers serving a growing number of international clientele — many of whom, for example, engage their exhibit house to design and build a single custom trade show display for their once-a-year appearance at a West or East Coast show and then store the unit until the following year.

Flexibility and innovations add to the array of services offered by the full service trade show exhibit house. These include: custom trade show booth rentals which offer an alternative to the occasional exhibitor who may be considering options before committing to a permanent display. Also, custom rental trade show displays provide an exhibitor with options to change messages and locations frequently and appear at several trade shows simultaneously.

Look for a trade show exhibition company that fits with your comfort level. Start with a walk-through visit to a showroom where you will view a selection of trade show displays ranging from pop-ups to custom spectaculars. Take a look at graphics and display production capabilities and ask the trade show display host to introduce you to innovative and turnkey event management services. These include show services, graphics design, exhibit storage and complete pre- and post-show service and support.