May 26, 2024



Tribulations of a Soccer Fan In America

I’ve started playing 사설토토 about ten years ago. It started when I was about 16 years ago and I’ve played it since then. When my friend brought me to train at an empty soccer field with him I didn’t find how such a sport would be such a big deal, but as I started to play the game more and more I found out how much I really loved the game. I went out to play soccer almost every weekend with complete strangers and began loving the sport after every victory and sulking the defeats.

Some issues I have as an American soccer fan is that foreigners always give us a patronizing treatment for being less frivolous about the sport. People who live in countries where soccer is an big deal feel they need to point out to us Americans that we have terrible soccer leagues and our world cup team is not very formidable. These seemingly innocuous attacks still create a general feeling for insecurity for me as a fan considering I don’t have enough other soccer fans to back me up. This resulted in me rooting for countries other than my own. I supported Spain and Japan last world cup, just to give you an idea of my patriotism. I still enjoy rooting for teams, it just hasn’t really helped that American soccer teams are not really strong enough to win the world cup, except for the women’s soccer team. It doesn’t make me want to support any teams in the USA because the MLS is not a very good league to begin with.

A lot of Americans do not enjoy watching or playing soccer. They enjoy other sports, primarily the big three which is football, basketball and baseball. They don’t really follow any other sports outside of these three, which is a shame because soccer is such a big sport everywhere else except America and it’s sad to see that Americans would rather be playing something else. Soccer is also looked upon as a women’s sport in America, or as a sport that you simply outgrew as you moved from middle school to high school. It’s such difference of perspective looking at soccer as an American, versus looking at soccer as a foreigner from a country that loves soccer. In America we don’t respect soccer as much as we should, and that makes being a soccer fan a lot more difficult.

There aren’t many people to talk about soccer with in America. I love talking about soccer and about training and the teams I support. The problem is that you can’t walk into a pub or a cafe and begin talking about these teams and affiliations because no one really knows what you are talking about. On the other end of the spectrum there are places you can go where you can simply walk in and talk about basketball, baseball, football. Sports bars are pretty designed around those types of sports, with of course, the exception of soccer.