June 18, 2024



Top 15 Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Website Scripts

Now,Top 15 Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Website Scripts Articles let us look at some of the crypto exchange clone scripts provided by Bitdeal in detail. 15 clone script to start your crypto exchange like binance, bitstamp and more #1 Binance Clone Script It is a website script that comprises of all the properties and features of the topmost crypto exchange 如何買比特幣.

Check demo of binance clone script Why as like Binance? Binance is a Japan-based crypto exchange platform that supports for more than 100+ crypto-coins. It provides its exchange services all over the globe and has 4 million active users per day. Binance is multi-language support and high-frequency trading systems. #2 Bitstamp Clone Script A clone website script, that consist of all the features of the top bitcoin exchange bitstamp. Highlights of Bitstamp Bitstamp is a European cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded in 2011. Bitstamp is known for guaranteed trading, trustworthy fund security, trading speed, user-friendliness, and less likely to hack features. It charges 0.25% as a service fee and reaches annual revenue of around $17.9M.

#3 Bithump Clone Script It is a website clone script, that has all the existing features, trading plug-ins of Bithumb exchange platform. Why like Bithump? Bithump was the first launched Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange platform currently owned and maintained by a South Korean company BTC Korea.com Co Ltd. Bithump provides security features like 2 verification to make withdrawal, SMS notifications, KYC compulsory and many other aspects. It also provides coupons, price notifications, and all time customer support #4 Coinbase Clone Script It is a website clone script that has all the existing and enhanced features, trading plug-ins as like coinbase.

Highlights of Coinbase Coinbase is a US-based crypto exchange that supports for both fiat-to-crypto coins and crypto-to-crypto-coins. Coinbase hits an annual revenue of $ 1 billion USD in 2017 and makes the highest revenue every year. Coinbase has 13,300,000 + active users approximately and uses AES-256 encryption method for the security process. #5 Bitfinex Clone Script It is a website script that comprises of all the factors present in the top-most exchange Bitfinex.