June 18, 2024



The Essentials on How to Build a Garage Storage Loft

With each succeeding year of living in your house, the clutter you accumulate compounds. As you’re not moving out anytime soon, you can expect these “stuff” to pile up. And where do home-owners dump all their valuable junk? Why, the Garage Floor Coatings Near Me, of course. The garage serves countless purposes-a workroom, a closet extension, and a tool shed. Most importantly, it houses your cars and bicycles. Why not give it a much-needed makeover? With a good blueprint at hand, you’ll learn how to build a garage storage loft and thus bless your trusty garage with the pampering it deserves.

New space in your garage

As your car fills most of your garage space, your clutter are shunned to the sides. By incorporating a loft, you utilize the void space above your car’s hood. Truly, you get the most value of your garage’s lot. Garage lofts are elevated platforms, usually running at least 5 to 6 feet high, against the posterior wall of your garage. If your garage ceiling reaches 9 to 10 feet high, imagine the available space in store for you.

The Edge of Having Blueprints

Blueprints on how to build a garage storage loft offer two designs. For one, the set-up of your garage needs to be altered to accommodate a full second-floor loft. You’ll have to comply with a building permit. For another, you can have a platform placed at a height above the hood of your car. This gives enough storage space. This option, though simpler, already gives you full storage goodness.

First things first

The main things to ponder on are the height and depth of your loft. These are based on the amount of things you need to store. Quality plans on how to build a garage storage loft present ample lighting and walking space. This way, you won’t have to stoop down whenever you work around it. You can increase your storage space by up to 50% even without changing your garage set-up altogether-such is guaranteed by plans on how to build a garage storage loft.

Maximum Utility

The best plans on how to build a garage storage loft leave the garage floor for your car and free the other spaces for storage. The area on the loft itself can hold your valuable equipment and tools. Along its sides include shelves, cabinets, and hooks placed in handy and safe locations.

Proven Durability

Your loft should be designed to withstand heavy storage boarded on it. Should it give way, you’ll end up ruining the car underneath. To ensure durability, go for seasoned wood and metal materials. Plans on how to build a garage storage loft already lists down the materials you need. It’s best to follow this or to seek the advice of contractors to ensure safety of your loft.