May 23, 2024



The 5 Stages Of A Relationship: What Stage Are You In?

Every couple at some Phoenix karaoke or another want to know how to make a relationship work better. We all face up and downs in our relationship and we often may look back and remember how happy we were when we first met our partner and wonder why we have relationship problems now.

Whether or not we see it, practically everything changes in stages. Our personal lives can be broken down into stages as we age, go to school, start working and get involved in a significant long term relationship or even marriage. These distinct stages can also become stages within themselves as you advance through each one.

Our relationships are no different. There are 5 different stages of a relationship and you will be able to make a relationship work better once you acknowledge where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going with your partner.

1. The Rose Coloured Glasses Stage.

The first of our stages of a relationship is probably the favourite for most people and is known by many names. You’re head over heels in love with your partner and he or she can do nothing wrong. You’re perfect for each other. It could be called the Rose Coloured Glasses Stage because everything looks rosy. You both are so happy and think this wonderful feeling will last forever as you’re on your best behaviour and do sweet things for each other just because you can. It is very rare that you or your partner argue or fall out.

2. The Disenchantment Stage.

The second stage is known as the disenchantment stage. The rose coloured glasses have come off and you realize your partner is human and makes mistakes. He or she is not as perfect as you first thought. Little habits you hadn’t noticed before become annoying. Romance is still there but is slightly muted. It’s during this stage that common relationship problems can first occur. Good communication between you and your partner becomes very important because you’re wondering where the fantasy went and what to do about it.

3. The Panic Stage.

The third stage is the panic stage as the disappointments grow and the relationship is not enjoyable anymore. There are many external pressures such as work, your partner’s family, money and there may even be young children on scene now. You begrudge the fact that your partner doesn’t see things the way you do. It’s now that you really need to work hard on your relationship because if the problems cannot be settled in a nice way some couples threaten to leave and finish the relationship.

4. The Strength Stage.

If you can make it through stage 3, you progress into the strength stage. Greater feelings of love and trust are felt as you feel more self-confident and your relationship becomes more peaceful and meaningful. The extreme intimacy has passed into more of a friendship as you each drift into your own hobbies and interests. Even though you have mastered how to have a relationship that is more calm and supportive, avoid the temptation to become bored and enjoy the happy relationship.

5. The Love And Commitment Stage.

The last of our stages of a relationship is probably the best as you accept your partner for what he or she is, with all their faults and irritating habits. This is known as the meaningful love and commitment stage. True love has developed and you’re both committed to working on how to make a relationship work. You’re no longer struggling for individuality but functioning as a team that can enjoy life together.