May 26, 2024



Sager NP7280 – The Notebook to Rule All Gaming Laptops

Recent technological developments have made laptops as powerful as the desktop PC. Gaming laptops, as what these are called, are the top laptops that can suffice all of a player’s gaming needs. These have been built and specifically built to run and play mobile games development. These are designed for the highest performance gaming experience. Now, one gaming laptop claims to be a cut above the rest, the Sager NP 7280. It is on the verge of becoming the most powerful gaming laptop of today. It has the state-of-the-art features that gamers definitely want to have to get the best gaming experience. So, what makes Sager NP 7280 a cut above the rest? Here are some of its features.

This gaming laptop actually has a lot of great features for your gaming needs. It is definitely capable of handling full desktop Intel Core i7 CPU which is used in desktop computers and it gives you a cutting edge in performance and gaming technology. It also comes with two graphic cards that provide you with a fast gameplay and great framerates. This will definitely increase the gaming performance on graphically demanding games of today. To match the great graphics, this gaming laptop features a fantastic 1080p full HD 17.3″ display. It also comes with a LED backlighting that provides brighter backlight to the LCD panel with reduced size, weight and energy consumption.

Most laptop users have problems regarding typing on a laptop. This is because the keys are small and situated on locations that make it difficult to type. The Sager NP 7280 is designed to avoid this problem. It actually has a full-sized keyboard with individually spaced keys. If you are a person who always forget passwords, then this gaming laptop may be just right for you. It has a built-in high quality fingerprint scanner so that you don’t have to struggle to remember passwords. It even has a Wifi “N” technology. It will assure you that you will have fast and high performing internet connectivity that will greatly work to your advantage when playing. You will never have to experience slow internet connection anymore. Now, these are only some of the features that a Sager NP 7280 has. If you want to have the best gaming experience, choose the best and the most powerful gaming laptop of today.