June 19, 2024



Power Of The Subconscious Mind, Miracles And A Whole New Mind

Through a whole new mind with the power of the acim youtube, we can truly see why we as physical bodies, can not truly say that we made a world. We as bodies did make the illusions that have put together this world?

The body makes a response based on what we call a person, and his mind consents to the name we assign. In this, an individual’s unity is twice denied, because we perceive that individual as separate from ourselves, and he or she accepts this separateness.

A whole new mind realizes it’s understandable that we use some illusion much of the time in order to live in a world of illusion. We must also recognize that the means is not the unity where true and real communication can be found.

This whole new mind, a society or quantum of minds, we may say, as in power of the subconscious mind, can forget what these names represent, forever, and willingly takes on a teaching function.

A whole new mind understands that we’re all teachers at some level. We must use the names assigned by the world while we’re here, as long as we don’t allow them to deceive us. These names are merely a means for communication in ways the world may understand, when using the body to communicate.

Miracles show us that the body cannot separate your mind from your brothers unless you wanted it to be a cause of separation and of distance between you and him.

When we call on another individual, most likely it’s to the body by using his or her given name, and the perceived notions that make the images we place effort into giving that person. His or her true identity is hidden and separated by space from our beliefs in this individual.

Remember, some within a quantum whole new mind are more receptive than others; and at any given time, your own state of readiness and willingness through a whole new mind may be deeper.

The gap between you and your brother is not one of space between two separate bodies. And this but seems to be dividing off your separate minds.

The unconscious I speak of here is the same as the consciousness you are from behind the dream. The dream of separation itself, where you see, hear, and touch physical bodies, is the consciousness that is the ego’s domain.