June 18, 2024



Loft Insulation – The Best Way to Winter Proof Your Home

Loft insulation removal dallas can be one of the best methods to keep your home winter-proof this year. As the winter sets in, the loft space on your house tends to send about 25 percent of the heat outside. Like you put the hat on your head in the winter to resist cold winds, insulation provides a protection to your home in the winter with a heat resistant barrier having low heat conductivity. As the hat keeps your head warm, the layer of insulation will keep the home naturally warm by locking the heat inside with a thick blanket of heat insulation.

Though most of the houses in the UK have insulation, a majority of them have less than the recommended amount of insulation. According to government’s estimation, about 9 million general buildings are provided with a loft insulation treatment with as low as 100mm that was a recommended as per the building regulations circulated before 1980. At present, an effective insulation is marked by a thickness of –

– 220mm if installing cellulose insulation
– 250mm if installing rock wool insulation
– 270mm if installing glass wool insulation

Therefore, millions of homes are under-insulated. That means millions of homes in the UK are contributing to huge production of carbon dioxide gases in the environment and pushing our planet towards the fatal threat of global warming. Loft insulation reduces the dependence of the boiler or heating systems to heat up the house and thus, insulating your house will prolong the life of the boiler as you are reducing the burden from it by using it less. Moreover, as your home is more energy efficient and uses less fuel burnt by the boiler, it emits less carbon dioxide gases and reduces global warming.