May 26, 2024



Learn How To Sell Your House Yourself

The most important part of using a realtor is the 6% commission. Wouldn’t be a better choice to Buy my house fast yourself and keep the 6% commission?

Let’s get a short idea of how much money are you going to give to a real estate agent:
Let’s say your house is sold for 150k $. The commission for a realtor would be 9000$ .Now let me ask you this: How much money do you make in a year? If you are an average American then you probably do like 20-30k $ a year, so it’s a bit wrong to pay half of your salary for the real estate agent .I mean what does he do? Put some ads in a newspaper, makes some calls and meet some people. Can’t you do this?I will give you an idea on how to sell your house yourself, and stop paying the commissions of a realtor. First is to make a plan, that is required in order to work organized and be more effective and it should contain the steps that you do in order to get potential buyers to see your house.Here’s a short plan that you should consider if you want to learn how to sell your house yourself.

1.Answer the question: Do you need to sell the house fast? I mean if there’s any financial problem like not having the money to pay the next mortgage or something like that.

2.If you answered yes to the first question then ask yourself this: Do you have some backup money? I suggest to have some backup money because things don’t always go as you want, and in order to keep focus on selling the house you must think clear and not say to the first potential buyer “Yes I accept anything you offer me , because my mortgage is Friday and I don’t have the money.”

3.Do you think your house has potential? Can you invest some money in your house, in order to increase it’s value? The factors that you could change are some new appliances in the house, a new bathroom, some outside look like a beautiful backyard, a air conditioning any adjustment that can increase your house value and the money that you could get on your house.

4.The next step if you want to sell your house yourself is to evaluate your house. A good method is to evaluate lower than the price of a similar house from your neighbourhood. This way the potential buyers that will come to your neighbourhood will visit your property before visiting the other houses. They will also know that your house is cheaper than the rest and in many cases, they will not try to negotiate.You could think to evaluate higher, right? And say…well I will negotiate . That is a bad approach, and it will not give the results that look for. Potential buyers aren’t interested in houses that are for sale for a long period of time and they will not rush into making a decision to buy your house, because they could think: Well it’s for sale for 6 months…let’s see other houses and then we make a decision.

5.Advertise the house through flyers, local newspaper and the most important on the internet. It’s a proven fact that 80% of house buyers start their searches over the internet, so you could receive an offer fast if you advertise on sites like FSBO or eBay and others.