July 15, 2024



How to Get Your Kids to Pick Up Their Toys

When I was growing up, we had only a few toys. I took good care of those toys https://planposition.com/ I still have my Tinker Toys in the original metal can with the included instruction book – and I’m 37! My parents didn’t have to nag me all the time – I don’t think – to pick up my toys. I know that I appreciated them because they were so few and far between.

My kids have been less fortunate in that respect – tons of toys from Grandparents and relatives for Christmas. Toys that move, make noises, and you name it. They definitely don’t appreciate the abundance of toys that they have. So, I figured that I’d teach them what it’s like to appreciate them or they wouldn’t get to have any!

One day I told them that every time I stepped on a toy, or had to pick up pieces of a set, or had to pick up something that was left out, it was going in the trash. And that’s what I did. But it didn’t work. You see, they ended up having ALL their toys in the trash. It was annoying because there wasn’t anything left to play with when other kids came over.

And it still didn’t solve the problem of not appreciating what they had. They didn’t even have time to miss the toys – they didn’t have to. It was only a short while before the next birthday or holiday brought in a new batch of them.

So, with my thinking cap on, I came up with my next plan of attack – a sticker and reward chart system. They were excited, thrilled, and motivated. When they got up in the morning, they’d do all the things on their chart, anxious to have the boxes filled up with stickers.