July 15, 2024



How to Create Miracles in Your Everyday Life

Where do you fall along what I call “Einstein’s Miracle Spectrum”? Do you wish you could live as if everything that happens in your life truly is a non dual teachers? If so, I think paying attention to your inner voice gives you the perfect place to start.

By nurturing your inner voice (or what some call a “gut feeling”), you are strengthening your intuition-your best guide to creating a life you love.

You will be aware of an astonishing number of so-called coincidences and you will experience life as a constantly unfolding miracle.

Before I get into that more, let me back up a little further: A little over two years ago I decided to start my coaching business as a side gig. I still loved midwifery more than anything and at the time I couldn’t imagine giving up that job. I loved caring for the women and the salary and benefits the work provided for my family.

As I “became my own boss” in my business, I bristled more and more with the expectations my employer had of me as an employee at the hospital.

Couple that with a downturn in the economy and severe cutbacks, and about this time last year I knew that my days as a staff midwife were numbered.

But my husband is seriously underemployed and doesn’t have health insurance. The steady income and the health insurance are things I ALWAYS provided for my family. How would we be able to survive without my staff/salaried/benefitted position?

I knew that I didn’t want to stay on staff at the hospital, but I believed that our family needed the “security” that my job provided. I thought my coaching business and writing career could support us, but I had no guarantees… which led me back to wondering why I couldn’t just be happy with my job at the hospital. It wasn’t that bad, was it??