July 15, 2024



How Affirmations Can Create Miracles in Your Life

You can create acim teacher in your life by using affirmations to do so. Before I tell you the secret to creating miracles in your life let me share one thing about miracles. We often think of miracles as some impossible happening, something unusual or maybe even impossible by reality standards. While it’s true that miracles are unusual there is nothing completely impossible in this reality.

Reality is multi-leveled and full of mystery and magical happenings. The problem is that most people won’t ever experience miracles in their life because they are so focused and stuck within their everyday life experience. Most people have given away their mental focus to worrying about paying the bills or feelings of fear about their life.

Before a miracle can happen you have to be willing to believe or at least entertain the idea of a miracle. A miracle can happen to you right now but because your mind is not open to it you won’t see it.

In order to create miracles in your life you have to shift your mind a bit. One way to entice miraculous happenings is to use affirmations to create that in your inner mind. When you use affirmations to bring your mind to a new level of possibility the mind begins to look for it and expect it.

  • Ask yourself what would a miracle feel like?
  • In what area of your life would you like to experience a miracle?
  • What effect would you like the miracle to have on you?

As you examine these questions write out a list of affirmations to trigger the mind to think in a more miraculous way about life. Make sure to implant those affirmations in such a way that they become part of your inner and deeper mind where your beliefs are stored.