July 15, 2024



Bible Secrets About Pentecostal Churches

Pentecostal mystical teachings of jesus are known or want to be known as “Bible Christians”, “Bible believing churches”, and doing everything using the Bible as the sole Authority in Christian matters. Every minute of their days are spent reading the scriptures. They quote 2 Tim 3:16 “All scriptures is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults and giving instruction for right living.

They accuse other churches, especially the Catholic church of not being Bible believing, Bible Christians, and not doing everything according to the Bible. Millions of Catholics have joined them as a result.

However, a closer and careful study of the Pentecostal show that they are not what they seem to portray. They are not as Bible believing as they claim, nor are they Bible Christians more than Catholic, nor do they do everything with the bible as sole authority as they say.

They are many things that Pentecostals do that are not in the Bible, many more ignore Bible commands, truths and instructions among Pentecostals. Even the direct orders of Jesus Christ, our Lord, are not followed by them.

Many characteristics of the church, spoken of in the New Testament are not found among Pentecostal churches. I have thought about this matter for so long that I have decided to share it with other catholic and also Pentecostals.

Here are many of the things Pentecostal do, that are not in the Bible and those in the Bible they don’t do. I hope that Catholics and Pentecostals will learn from this and change accordingly.

It seem strange that a church that claims the Bible as its root and an abundance of the Holy Ghost gifts within them, do not record apparitions. Jesus Christ appeared to St. Paul in an apparition, which converted Paul and drew souls to Christ, Acts 9:1-23 Moses and Elijah Mt. 17:1-8, appeared to Jesus, Peter, James and John to prove that Christ was the expected one. Lk 9:28-36, Angels appeared to Mary Lk 1:26, to announce the coming of Jesus Christ. The same to John the Baptist’s father. Apparitions are hence an important part of the Christian faith and scriptures, as they portray important events and messages.

In the Catholic Church apparitions of Virgin Mary, God, Jesus Christ, the Saints and Angels are so many. Such devotions as the Brown scapular, the miraculous medal, the sacred heart, Devine mercy, are very popular, and were as a result of apparitions from a God that does not change.