July 15, 2024



ACIM – Recipe for a Miracle

Several years back, while I was taking some classes at Unity Village in Missouri, I performed an instant healing. I went there to take some Spiritual Enrichment Education courses and one of the classes I took wash called Jesus’ Teachings. I took 4 classes, each class lasted two hours a day for five days and the healing happened on day three. During class on the third day, we were learning about the ACIM miracles Jesus performed. We studied the miracles and noticed there was a pattern to all of them.

Each time he performed a miracle, there was a formula he followed.

  • First he first meditated on it to see if it was his to do
  • When he got an answer of yes or no, he would know whether it was his to do or not
  • If the answer was yes, he had a fervent knowing that it was his to do and he could perform the miracle
  • To make it more believable to his audience, he would often create some theatrics around the miracle like poking fingers in ears or spitting on tongues.
  • The theatrics were not what caused the miracle to happen, it was always the knowing (not believing)

Jesus constantly said that we could do the same things as he but we did not believe and that was what kept us from doing the same things. I knew after this intense study and experience at Unity Village that anything Jesus could do, we could all do too, we just had to get out of our own way.

The teacher for the class had her hand in a splint that day. On Monday she wasn’t wearing it but on Tuesday and Wednesday she was. On Wednesday, the day we were studying miracles, someone asked her about the splint and she told us that she had gotten into a car accident several years before and periodically her hand would hurt so she would wear a splint. When we went on break after the first hour of class that day, I found a quiet place, did as Jesus and meditated on the question as to whether healing her hand was mine to do. The answer I got was “Yes.” Then I asked “What should I do?” the answer I got was “Just Know.” I responded with another question and asked, “Just know, I don’t need to do anything?” and again I got the answer, “Just Know.”

I went back to the classroom, held her hand, looked into her eyes and said, “I don’t know how but I know your hand will be healed.” Someone came in, 2 seconds later and said, “Hey! Your hand is healed already!”